About Globally Concern

Globally Concern Center for Climate Change (G4C) is the global initiation to protect living beings from the increasing adverse effects of climate change and global warming though awareness. Global warming is unavoidable; however the rate of global warming could be slower by reducing the human borne causes.



Let everyone know the consequences of climate change and motivate to be a part of the global cause to reduce its effects on living beings. 



To conduct a global campaign for the awareness on effects of climate change and lead a global event for reduction of effects of climate change on Earth, Join hands to take actions to protect people at home and abroad from climate change, to safeguard our natural environment, and to build a fair, clean, healthy Earth for everyone.



  • Reduce Earth’s climate pollution to zero, and beyond.

  • Transition to a society and economy powered by clean energy and clean exports.

  • Protect people, water, air, land, and nature from the impacts of fossil fuel extraction.

  • Build climate leadership and resilience in communities most affected by climate change.

  • Conduct a worldwide mission to protect snow to save lives on Earth.



  • Building and aligning strategies in common areas of our work.

  • Designing and collaborating to deliver climate campaigns and projects.

  • Co-operating on community-led transition projects.

  • Engaging more people and diverse sectors to take action on campaigns connected to climate.

  • Developing policies and proposals that will help deliver on our vision.

  • Linking to international efforts, networks, and campaigns.