Sonam's Introduction

Hi I am Sonam Sherpa. I am from the remote north eastern part of Nepal. I was born in Taplejung district. I am 14 years old and currently studying at 9th grade at Kathmandu.

As a Sherpa descent, I have a passion of visiting mountains, caring mountains and enjoying on mountains just like my ancestors. I knew that our blood is made up of the snow, and the reason why, we enjoy on high altitudes and admire being snow lover.

I grow up at Kathmandu, I left my birth place earlier than I started to memorize but my instinct desire dragging me towards the mountains. I heard and I saw the problems of mountains, I knew that those mountains were covered by full of snow but now I can observe only black stones. I knew the reasons of the depletion of snow in the mountains and I know it is not possible to back the snow in the mountains however our small effort might help to reduce the rapid reduction of snow.

Mountains have an extremely important role in influencing global and regional climates and weather conditions. They cover around one-quarter of the earth's land surface and are home to about 800 million people around the world. Indirectly, billions more living downstream also benefit from mountains. Mountains provide us with freshwater, energy, food, biodiversity, and medicinal products – resources that may become very rare in the coming decades. They are also very prone to climate changes, land degradation, deforestation and natural disasters. In addition, mountain people very often face marginalization, poverty, and the lack of basic services such as health and education.

My Father Mr. P K Sherpa has been working to raise the awareness among the people of mountains, collecting the garbage of mountains to reduce the pollution and planting trees to increase the greenery since I started to know him. I am really admired from his dedication and continuous efforts. He is my inspiration and icon. I want to follow his path and want to protect my planet.

I have a plan to ascend all top summits of seven continents with my father to deliver a message to people around the world to be conscious on protection of snow to protect the lives on earth.

I would like to appeal all the people around the world to join on our world campaign. Any kinds of support on this global campaign will be highly appreciated. I would request all the people to accept this campaign as your own and it is for our coming generations too.


We assure that all of your support will be transparent and will only be used to raise awareness among people around the world for the protection of snow in the mountains to save lives on earth.


I would like to request all the well-wishers to contribute one unit of your currency (such as one dollar, one pound, one frank, one euro, one rupee, one yen and so on) for the global campaign.